Guaranteed Tiktok Video

$1.00 - $5.00

If you would like your order packed in a tiktok, add this to your order ๐Ÿ’• If you would also like to be tagged in it, make sure to add your @ in your order notes :)

Regular: Typically my order packing videos consist of me showing your pieces and freebies with music over the video <3

ASMR: Consist of me showing your pieces, freebies, and a behind the scenes of me physically packing your order. There is light music over the original audio to create a calming ASMR experience :)

Side Notes:

*Guaranteed Tiktok videos are paid because of the extra time it takes for me to record/edit the video. They often slow down the packing process and take anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour to record/edit depending on the order size. I love and appreciate everyone for their support and just wanted to give insight on the pricing :) <3

*The ASMR order packing video is a bit more expensive because they take much longer to record/edit