Livesale FAQ

Q: How does this whole thing work? 
A: On my live I show off new pieces that are for sale. If you are a new customer, you will need to pay the $10 deposit before claiming. Each piece has a number on a sticker which is the price. If there is an item you want, you type out "claim (insert #)". The first person on my screen to say claim gets the item. After the live ends, I will upload a listing under your tiktok username including a picture of your pieces and a description. You'll have 24 hours to checkout (so by Sunday night). 

Q: Where do I find my listing?
A: There will be a section on my site listed as "livesale listings" and your pieces will be labeled under your tiktok username. 

Q: What time is your livesale? 
A: 4pm PST on both Friday and Saturday!

Q: What's a livesale deposit? 
A: A livesale deposit is a payment of $10 for new customers claiming items on my live! You will have to pay the $10 deposit before you're allowed to claim any other items. The $10 goes straight to you order and will be deducted from your total basket price. (ex: the items you claimed are $100, so at checkout you only need to pay $90 since you paid the $10 earlier). This is a 1 time fee for new customers to deter ghosters 💕 There are no refunds on this transaction 

Q: What's an open basket?
A: An open basket means you pay for your pieces now and then I will hold onto them till my next livesale. When you claim items during the next live, you will recieve free shipping as they will be added onto your previous order. In short, its a great way to save on shipping costs! 

Q: How much is shipping?
A: Shipping ranges anywhere from $5-$10 depedning on the weight of your items. Orders $150+ recieve free shiping using code FREESHIP

Q: Can I put items I don't want anymore back? 
A: I allow up to 3 put backs but PLEASE limit them! Claiming an item and putting it back may take the opportunity away from others. It also takes extra time for me to stop the live, find the piece, and advertise it again. I understand things come up though so 3 put backs is the limit.

Q: How long until my order ships?
A: anywhere from 2-9 days. I'm only one person packing orders alone while also trying to manage college classes💕 I appreciate everyone's patience with me! :) 

Q: When will your next livesale be? 
A: I normally do livesales about once a month! I typically do them the second Friday/Saturday of each month :) 

Q: Do you take payment plans?
A: Yes! My shop now takes Paypal payment plans, Klarna, and Afterpay!

Q: Oh no! I missed your live on Friday, when is the next one?
A: I always do 2 part livesales in case you miss one of the days 💕 I do the first part on Friday at 4pm PST and the second part on Saturday at 4pm PST

Q: Can I put my pieces on hold? 
A: New customers may receive 1-2 days. returning customers 1-10 days. remember holds are the exception, not the expectation. if you set a date to pay you must uphold that agreement or risk breaking my trust + being blocked :( I do lives once a month so please take this time to save up for the live or refrain from claiming if you do not have the funds. Anyone who asks for a hold and exceeds the time frame without communication will be blocked and reported for ghosting!